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The 8 Presidential Priorities

Reforming the Economy

Priority 1

Priority 1 focuses on implementing strategic reforms to foster sustained inclusive growth in the Nigerian economy. We work to create the enabling environment that attracts investments, promotes entrepreneurship, and empowers all sectors of society, by addressing key bottlenecks and challenges.

Priority 2

Strengthening National Security

Priority 2 focuses on strengthening national security towards creating an environment of peace and prosperity for every citizen. The Federal Government will safeguard the country and promote a sense of security.

Priority 3

Boosting Agriculture

Priority 3 focuses on boosting agriculture to achieve food security. The Federal Government will invest in modern farming techniques, support small-scale farmers, and promote sustainable practices towards achieving stable and sufficient food supply in the country.

Priority 5

Enhancing Infrastructure and Transportation

Priority 5 focuses on improving infrastructure and transportation systems to drive sustainable economic growth and development. The Federal Government will invest in modern infrastructure and transportation networks to support economic expansion and connectivity.

Priority 6

Focusing on Education, Health, and Social Investment

Priority 6 identifies education, health, and social investment as essential pillars of development. By prioritising these areas, the government aims to improve the overall well-being and quality of life for its citizens.

Priority 4

Unlocking Energy and Natural Resources

Priority 4 focuses on unlocking the country's energy and natural resources potential to drive sustainable development. The Government will create a foundation for long-term economic growth and environmental sustainability by leveraging these resources to the utmost.

Priority 7

Accelerating Diversification

Priority 7 focuses on accelerating the diversification of the economy  through industrialisation, digitisation, creative arts, manufacturing, and innovation.  The Federal Government will promote these sectors to drive

economic growth, create job opportunities, and foster sustainable development.

Priority 8

Improving Governance for Effective Service Delivery

The Federal Government is committed to serving the Nigerian people dutifully and proving quality services for them. The Government will operate with transparency, accountability, and efficiency and prioritise the people's interest. The administration will hold government officials accountable for their actions, promote transperancy in government processes and build trust and credibility.

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